Jerusalem’s Best Kept Secret

After years of anticipation, of yearning from afar to draw close and live the beauty and majesty of Jerusalem of Gold, your secret is about to revealed.

It’s time to awaken into the dream. To arise to the holiness and purity of Jerusalem.

It’s time to live the splendor. Time to revel in brilliant sunshine glinting off white stone walls and illuminating the timeless alleyways leading toward the Western Wall. Time to experience the singular magic of a city that gracefully melds ancient and modern, eternity with hip contemporary culture.

After a lifetime of living abroad while inwardly yearning for more, the time has come.

It’s time to come Home and reveal the secrets of your Jerusalem…

A spectacular collage of worlds

Start off your morning with an aromatic coffee in a picturesque corner café and then chill with friends at the First Station. Enjoy a calm evening in the German Colony and Emek Refa’im and spend Shabbat and the Festivals only minutes away from the Old City. Revel in the epicenter of culture-rich Jerusalem, all a mere minutes walk away from your door.

Right here on narrow, tree-lined Aminadav Street, an exclusive, private lane linking aristocratic Baka neighborhood to enchanting Abu Tor, we’re constructing two deluxe residential buildings with a limited number of apartments in a unique design that melds historic preservation work with cutting-edge architecture.

Aminadav. Jerusalem’s best-kept secret.  Melding dreams,  cultures and worlds.

The best secrets begin with the minor details

Spacious luxury residences, exclusively designed by a world-acclaimed architect.

2-, 3-, 4- & 5-room apartments, garden apartments and penthouses with high-end specifications and meticulous attention to every detail. Our uncompromising standards begin with the planning stages and historic preservation work, continue with superior construction materials and engagement of distinguished consultants and supervisors, and culminate with the beauty and perfection of the finishing touches.

The Developers

True to our mission of setting a new standard in cutting-edge construction, Bayit Yerushalmi has built some of the most popular developments in Jerusalem throughout the past years.

Multiple projects that we’ve completed and marketed successfully throughout the capital are noted for their distinct beauty, style and emphasis on perfection that begins in the preliminary planning stages and carries through to the final touches. Bayit Yerushalmi prides ourselves on uncompromising professionalism and precise construction and architectural plans that offer creative solutions to meld antique architectural elements with modern construction.

Our company brings together the crème de la crème of professionals from the realm of construction and development who, together, enable us to realize Bayit Yerushalmi’s vision of building your dream.

Jerusalem is whispering her best-kept secret to you…

Come close, and make her secret yours…


Jerusalem is whispering her best-kept secrets to you…
Come close, and make her secrets yours…

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